Zuma announces tolls to go ahead

President Jacob Zuma announced on Friday that there will be no change in the tolling system proposed by the government despite all the protests and marches conducted under Cosatu.

He gave a clear cut message to the nation that the matter is not up for debate and will proceed as planned. He said, “The Gauteng economy cannot afford any impediment to the traffic flow, since such an impediment will stifle economic growth that leads to job creation”.

Speaking to the media further he added that the decision of tolling for Gauteng was not proposed or finalized by him but with the assistance of the entire cabinet since this is a necessary step to not hinder economic and infrastructure developments in Gauteng.

He said, “The rationale behind the freeways improvement project is that Gauteng, which generates nearly 38% of the total value of South Africa’s economic activities, has developed beyond its infrastructural capabilities. The open tolling system will assist government to obtain revenue that will be utilised in order to improve the road infrastructure, service debt already incurred for the upgraded freeway network in Gauteng and ensure a well-maintained and upgraded road network into the future.”

He stressed on the increased load of traffic on the roads as the main reason behind the increase in tolls since increased traffic affects the infrastructure and thereby hinders economic development.

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