Sharpeville residents calm down, police

Residents of Sharpeville, South Gauteng have calmed down as per reports of police on Wednesday.

The locals of Sharpeville were protesting and burning tyres on the streets the day before as the celebrations of the Human Rights Day were held in Kliptown this year whereas the celebrations have been traditionally taking place in Sharpeville by the name “Sharpeville Day” to remember the killing of 69 black men who were protesting in 1960. The shooting was done by the police of the region.

On the contrary, Lieutenant General Lungelo Dlamini, told the reports that the town of Sharpeville remained quiet and calm on Wednesday whereas protests were launched in the outskirts of Sharpeville which comprised of about 150 individuals and were protesting over non-timely delivery of services. He said, “We have not yet received any reports of violence and police are still monitoring these areas.”

The head constable of police Ntshidiseng Phakoe spoke to the media and informed that the protests in Ratanda have also been calmed down yesterday. The protestors in Ratanda had already attacked the community hall, a municipal office, and houses of a number of counsellors on Monday to get their protests registered. He said, “Everything is quiet and calm in Ratanda as no one was reported to be protesting.”

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