SPLA Kills 15 Rebels During Clash In Jonglei

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

On Tuesday, the rebels launched attacks on the South Sudan armed forces (SPLA)which ignited a several hours of clashes between the two forces, SPLA Spokesperson Philip Aguer said.

“The SPLA forces launched a counter attack to this militia force – Yau Yau forces, dislodged them and chased them away from the area. This happened on Monday at 3:30 pm where the SPLA forces were able to clear the area from the militia forces,” Aguer said.

“And in the mopping up the operations, the following were found in the battle ground 15 bodies of militia killed in the attack, 2 pieces of sixty millimeter motor, 2 pieces of RPG7, 6 pieces of AK47 riffles and one piece of FM-gun. The SPLA forces lost one killed in action and six wounded,” he added.

Aguer accused Khartoum of backing the militia, a move aimed at destabilizing peace stability in the nascent state.

David Yau Yau, a former SPLA soldier broke away in 2010 after he failed to concede defeat in national elections, accusing the South Sudan government ruling party, Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, (SPLM) of rigging the elections.

However, the renegade who returned back to the SPLA late last year after President Salva Kiir announced an amnesty warrant for all militia groups surprisingly took off to Khartoum in previous months this year according to SPLA and returned back for his rebellious acts in South Sudan.

Khartoum had repeatedly denied South Sudan’s accusation that it backs up the militia groups in South Sudan.

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