Governor Urges Citizens To Pray For A Peaceful Nation

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

He said that the spirit of Christmas was that of peace, love and goodwill and therefore called on them to make an effort in the spirit of the season as the church has been so instrumental in the advocacy of the South Sudanese people’s right for freedom, struggled shoulder to shoulder with the movement in the realization of the independence.

“There is absolute need for us to immediately educate our people to shift from these negative ways of living and embrace the culture of peaceful co-existence amongst them. Let us all preach the gospel of peace and good neighbourhood among our people and the need for tolerance and forgiveness of one another,” he said.

The governor appealed to the entire leadership of the Christian Church in Eastern Equatoria State to actively take a major role in educating our population the negative aspect of cattle theft, cattle rustling, highway robbery and all those things that negatively do not contribute to the development of the nation.

He said a country without peace and stability will have no place in today’s developing world and will always stay behind in terms of development as there is nothing meaningful that can take place in an unstable society.

“We as a government have the moral duty of protecting the property and lives of all the citizens of Eastern Equatoria State. However, this responsibility cannot be left unto the government alone but it is our collective responsibility to contribute to the realization of a peaceful, harmonized and a better Eastern Equatoria to live in,” he said.

He said the national government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit stood its ground in defending the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of South Sudan and truly provided the leadership needed.

The Eastern Equatoria State parliament recently passed a resolution urging the state government to immediately combat crime and insecurity in the state following outcry from the members on the rising cases of insecurity along the Torit-Kapoeta road where many lives have been lost.

There has been an increase in attacks along the Torit-Kapoeta highway and in Torit, Lopa/Lafon, greater Kapoeta counties.
The parliament passed that the state government should recover 919 and 343 cattle of Logir of Chorokol and Chahari respectively in Ikwoto County which were taken by suspected raiders from Larim (Buya) of Budi County.

They urged the state to arrest criminals who entered Hirefet in Ikwoto County after shooting a car at Longiro point of Torit-Kapoeta highway.

The resolution also states that the constitutional post holders, MPs both at state and national level, civil servants, who are found inciting the communities the communities and sabotaging the resolution with aim to cause insecurity across must be arrested to face the law.

The Commissioners of Torit, Lopa/Lafon, and Kapoeta counties were directed to create awareness to the citizens and advice them not to move with guns along the roads.

The resolution commanded the state government and the State Ministry of Public Administration and Internal Affairs to implement it immediately.

Other incidences included the raiding of cattle with loss of lives in Kikilai of Budi County on 29 November, raiding of cattle in Mangala on Ikwoto County on 2 December, raiding of goats by Ilieu village in Torit County on 3 December and Oguruny raided goats of Lolianga in Torit County on the same date.

On 4 December between Lobira and Kidopo Bridge, three vehicles were looted and on 29 November, a car was ambushed and its driver was wounded between Tseretenya and Ikwoto.

The minister said that 150 Special Forces have been deployed at Lobira Boma of Ikwoto County to monitor and patrol Lobira-Kidopo highway and also recommended the parliament to cooperate by re-adopting Peace and Justice Mission which the House earlier last year passed for implementation.

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