Parents Urged To Promote Sporting Activities Among Girls In Schools

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Speaking during the award of the sports teams in Aweil, the women football league representative, Elizabeth Ajok expressed her happiness for the support they have had so far from government and other Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the state for in promoting  football among girls.

“I am happy with Pan Aweil Development (PAD), UNICEF and Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports for having supported this historic and an educative sports for peace and development, I would like the government to support girls in all other sports activities like football because sports is one of factors that can create unity among the citizens of this new born nation,” she said.

She said that as citizens of a country that has just come out from war, the government needs to look into factors that can create unity among citizens at the state and national level.

She also said that the sports will be another opportunity to be used for the vulnerable groups especially orphans and street children so that they do not feel unwanted in any given community or a society so that they are able to participate in all activities.

Kuach Wol Abiem Wol, the coach of the girls team who and member of the football association highlighted the importance of sports in health.

“Sports is very important in everybody’s health regardless of whether one is a male or female, for instant in Europe where all games are played, the chance is given to everyone so they get opportunities to learn all games,” Wol said.

Wol appreciated the cooperation he has had from parents and guardians who always avail time to their girls for sports.

Chairlady, Awut Kuel Kuel said the occasion is first time ever in the state and South Sudan for women to get such vast freedom and opportunity to choose their favourite games.

“The sports are the only chance that women can be educated so that they are like other women footballers in the world, therefore, I need the mothers and fathers to allow their girls go for football training when needed.” Kuel said.

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