New Clinic Burnt In Fangak County

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Fangak County Commissioner, James Maluit Ruach has said the clinic in Jonglei State was supposed to start operations this year when it caught fire ‘accidentally.’

“The ASMP was committed to help the people of Fangak County though incident occurred accidently, they will still support the community by putting up the damaged parts of the clinic,” Maluit said. 

The commissioner told Gurtong while in Malakal that all the medicines donated by World health Organization (WHO) have been burnt.

According to the report from volunteer Project Manager, David Kapla, on December 23rd, a fire ripped through the medical clinic that is under construction by ASMP.

“What started as a small electrical fire quickly engulfed almost half of the clinic, fuelled in part by stored medicine, supplies and equipment for the new building,” Kapla said in a report.

 He said there was good news despite the devastation nobody was hurt and due to the quick reaction of ASMP volunteers and a community that quickly rallied to fight the blaze and save the clinic from total destruction.

Dr. Jill Seaman said that after overcoming the daunting logistical challenges over the last few years, the clinic was entering final stages of completion, with a target completion date having been set for February 2013.

“I am still in shock, this is hard to digest. We will take a few days to clean up and do demolition, and then will make a plan to continue forward. I feel confident that we can still finish rooms one and four, and we will make a plan to reconstruct the two destroyed rooms with new materials,” Kapla said.

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