Parliament Deliberates 2012-2013 Policy Statement For Information Ministry

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

According to Otuduha, the policy is a guiding principle which provides appropriate directions to the ministry on objectives, visions, mission and goal and most of which have been derivative of the national and Eastern Equatoria State Development Plan.

He revealed that his intention is to put into action strategies aimed at achieving food security and livelihoods in the state.

The ministry remains as the government’s voice with mandate to disseminate government press releases, press statements and also organizes public education campaigns aimed at informing the public.

The ministry offers independent media outlets with opportunities to cover government activities and guarantees free and equitable access to public electronic or print media required information while encouraging the independent establishment of professional media and journalism associations.

The ministry supports growth and expansion of independent and community radio stations which broadcast in local languages with aims to benefit underserved audiences in the state.

The presiding Speaker, Paul Napwon Yonae commended the minister for the document and invited the Chairperson of the Committee of Information and Culture, Hon. Joseph Kolombos Lokodo to officially receive a copy of the Policy Statement so the Committee shall go and prepare the report and present it after 45 days to the house.

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