A great man Desmond Tutu dies at age 90

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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I had the privilege of meeting Desmond Tutu in Toronto watching rugby together.

I received a call from the Sheraton hotel asking me if I could host the arch to watch South Africa verse New Zealand All Blacks at Scallywags on St Clair Avenue.

He was witty and Humorous and loved the game of rugby.

I found it interesting that the South Africans attending joined Desmond in a Zulu dance that was very entertaining.

Many of these ex-pats left South Africa during the apartheid era and immigrated to Canada.

I also had the chance to interview the Arch on the Fan 599 radio show.

Two years later I traveled to Cape Town to host a press conference at the Groote Schuur hospital that is one of Cape Town's premier Academic hospital and is internationally renowned as the training ground for some of South Africa's best doctors, surgeons and nurses.

The first heart transplant was performed by Doctor Christiaan Barnard in 1967 at this hospital.

Canadian donors supported cataract operations for the poor in South Africa abd could you imagine having the bandages removed from your eyes and the first thing the patient sees is Desmond Tutu.

However not everything goes to plan on the best of days as we were doing the tour of the hospital Tutu got stuck in the elevator.

When returning to the press conference room we found the caterer had decided to look at the plaques being presented to Medical staff.

When it came time for Tutu to present the plaques they were all mixed up to my embarrassment. He tried to hit me with on to great laughter in the room.

But beyond this, Desmond Tutu was a man of impeccably strong moral convictions who strove to bring about a peaceful South Africa.

I was privileged to meet the great man!

He Certainly made a difference in his life time.

Photo caption: Lins O’Connor with Desmond Tutu at the Groote Schuur Hospital.

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