South Sudanese In Diaspora Mark Independence Anniversary

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The last two years have not been easy with lingering disputes with Sudan leading to confrontations along the border and an economic stand-off over oil.

During an address at the Nairobi Railways Club, South Sudanese Ambassador Majok Guandong said the country has embarked on nation building and hopes to live in peace with her neighbours on the continent.

The Ambassador said that the new nation has a good historical and mutual relationship with Kenya both economically and politically.

Kenya is a beneficiary on the South Sudan economy in various sectors including banking, energy and construction.

The Ambassador said that the government of Kenya has spent US $ 12 million for capacity building of South Sudan government employees in the executive, judiciary, organised forces and civil servants to improve service delivery at various levels in the new republic.

The Kenyan representative from the ministry of foreign affairs at the celebrations, Robert Ngesu, said that Kenya will support South Sudan to become a member of the East Africa Community and also on the talks with the neighbouring Sudan so that peace is achieved in the region.

South Sudan’s economy has been dependent on oil, which accounts for 98 percent of the country’s revenues.

The country has suffered since deciding to cut off oil production in January 2012 to protest against high fees Sudan was charging for use of its pipelines and port.

In June, three East African leaders meeting in Entebbe, Uganda, agreed to build two pipelines across East Africa, one of which would end South Sudan’s dependence on Sudan for its oil exports.

The pipelines will stretch from South Sudan to Kenya’s island town of Lamu and the other from Rwanda to the Kenyan port of Mombasa.

Noting that infrastructure development, energy and trade are key to the growth of the economy of EAC region, the three leaders agreed to revamp the existing railway network and also construct new standard gauge railway line from Mombasa Kenya to Uganda and extend the same to Rwanda.

Various government representatives and Ambassadors from the region attended the celebrations in Nairobi.

Different traditional groups from various South Sudanese states entertained the guest during the celebrations in Nairobi including the reigning Miss World Africa Atong Demach.

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