Upper Nile Governor Urges Citizens To Embark On Agriculture

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Puoc said that it is South Sudanese alone that can liberate themselves from the enemies called hunger and tribalism in the two years old country.

The governor was addressing thousands of citizens turned out in Malakal, the State capital of Upper Nile to celebrate two years of South Sudan’s independence.

The Multi-thousands celebration was attended by common citizens, school pupils and students and manoeuvring rally by the national army, the SPLA and other organized forces in Malakal.

The National artist Mr. Emmanuel Kembe and the traditional dancers from all the communities living in the state’s thirteen counties made July 9 colourful.

Upper Nile State Governor Ustaz Simon Kun Puoc congratulated the people of South Sudan and Upper Nile for the 2nd anniversary of independence.

Puoc appreciated the people of South Sudan for their patience and understanding during the time of financial difficulties when the country was forced to closed oil wells and operate for seventeen months without specific resources active to generate national income.

“Our people have suffered within the independence of our country for 17 months bearing the difficulties of austerity measures. You deserve to be thanked for your patience as we celebrate for the second time this historic day,” Puoc said.

“As we rejoice today, I will not forget to acknowledge the struggle of the people of South Sudan during the war and after the independence. You are great people,” he said.

Puoc said that neighbouring Sudan was trying to make South Sudan a failed country by creating conflicts in the border areas and disputes over oil issues.

“It is because of the support of our citizens that has made us remain strong and firm protecting our sovereignty which Sudan wanted to interfere,” he said.

“You are wise people. You have not thought ill of your leadership and for this reason the SPLM-led government will not forget you in any case,” Puoc noted.

The Governor said the survival of South Sudan as people and government during austerity measures is the second time South Sudanese crossed the river with their boat successfully without falling into the river to the Promised Land.

“We crossed the river for the first to the Promised Land in 2011 by choosing the secession of our country. This time our people have crossed the river for the second time by remaining patience to their government during financial crisis. We will overcome every difficulty as people and as government jointly,” he said.

The governor announced to the citizens that public power station will in one week’s time operate in the town.

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