South Sudan Cabinet Sworn In

A section of the newly appointed cabinet ministers during the swearing in ceremony in Juba. [Courtesy Lomayat]

ighteen ministers and nine deputies were sworn in.

Parliament still wants more information from one minister for Justice and Deputy for information before their approval.

A minister and deputy appointees are still out of the country and will be approved once they return.

South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir called for commitment and time management among the new ministers.

He emphasized that ministers work from 8am to 5pm with one hour break that starts from 1pm-2pm. He said several ministers did go for ever after lunch.

He also urged the ministers to perform, stressing he needs to see productivity to show their performance.

Kiir said some of the old minister used to travel too much on the expenses of the government; it will not be the case this time.

On the commission of 10% from every contract, Kiir said he is aware of some of the people who were doing these kinds of practices, he (Kiir) told the Ministers to watch out, and he is not going to tolerate these kinds of evil practices.

This is the first time; the new South Sudan cabinet was blessed by one a Arch Bishop (Daniel Deng) and two South Sudanese Bishops (Enoch Tombe and Paride Taban), and is the first time the swearing in took place without the Vice President.

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