Relief Director Urges Returnees To Be Patient On Food Ration Distribution

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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It happens that World Food Program (WFP) has run out of feeding stock and that most of the returnees who willingly came on their own to the state have not yet been given their ration for integration into the community.

This comes following number of organized trips of returnees whose number is believed to have increased by 2013.

Speaking to the journalists in Aweil, the RRC director Deng Kuel Kuel says that number of returnees both transported and spontaneous have faced problem of getting their full three months-ration in the state due to the shortage of food stuff from WFP.

He urges the returnees to wait until the WFP prepares for their ration.

“Yes our returnees have no food. They were supposed to receive three months-ration before they were integrated into their communities but it happened that some of them missed the little we had despite the fact that the small quantity of food available by then was distributed to by half quantity ration instead of full board ration. This was because we wanted to cater the number of returnees we have at hand but unfortunately ran out of stock,” he said.

“As for those who are still waiting for their ration and are already in possession of their ration-cards, they have to be patient and wait for their food while in calm situation. They should not think of being cheated but rather think the way back to where they brought from and how these humanitarian agencies struggled to sustain them over this time,” he added.

This happens following pressure given by the returnees in the state that they were brought and abandoned without being issued with integrative food supply which is meant to be for the three months before the returnees fully become acquainted to the host communities.

On the other hand one of the returnees who claimed to have no relatives in Aweil town and who allegedly said to be starving refuted the director’s statement that they have left within between without knowing what to do.

“I do not really know if we are only suffering hunger alone but from flood and direct rain as well. We are just kept waiting throughout since we came but nobody turns in to be positive on all the promises made, we are suffering colds, malaria and fever leave apart the hunger,” Majak Dut told Gurtong.

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