Vendors Blame Poor Hygiene On Leaders

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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This came following reports from Uku Cleaning Service Company that its employees are tired of carrying human waste product in most of the rubbish gathered from Yambio main market.

In an interview with the Managing Director of Uku, Mr. Gabriel Paul, he said his staff are tired and have threatened to quit the work because it is unhealthy and exposes them to diseases which may be very expensive to treat.

He said not only his staff are complaining but the general dwellers in the main market also which he attributed to the failure of county authorities to have enough public toilets. 

Allowing of people to sleep in the shops who in turn wake in the night to defecate and urinate anywhere is another cause of the poor hygiene. 

A tea seller in Yambio Market Judy Carol blamed it on foreigners whom she said are always living in the market instead of renting houses. 

“We know very well a market where food is sold to the people is supposed to clean and healthier,” she said.  “Things like fruits which are eaten fresh can be contaminated with disease germs, causing dysentery to the general public just because some ignorant group of people are urinating and defecating outside the shops.”

She urged the county authorities to use the little resources at hand to provide to sanitary facilities for the public in the market. 

The chairperson for the County Chamber of Commerce was not available for comment at press time.  

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