Security Confiscates Citizens Newspapers

A sample photo of the citizen newspaper, one of the leading dailies in South Sudan [Gurtong]

The Citizens Newspaper’s Deputy Editor-In-Chief Victor Keri Wani told Gurtong that the security officers, seven in number with others armed stormed their premises at around 6:00am local time and took away with them “bulk” of the papers.

Keri said there was no reason given by the officers for the action. “They have not told us the reason,” Keri said.

The Citizens authority is still negotiating with the security on the release of the papers at the time of the press.

Keri however, suspected the arrest of the papers was compelled by an article the Citizens Newspaper ran talking about arrest of their Editor-in-Chief, Nhial Bol on Tuesday at about 2:30pm.

Later on Tuesday, Nhial Bol told press he was arrested by security and released on his lawyer’s request after being detained for hours.

His arrest was allegedly linked to a recent story ran on his paper regarding the arrest of two of his Television journalists, one of whom was a lactating mother.

This new wave of attack on the media is worrisome unless dialogue is reached between the security and the media practitioners.

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