Youth Leader Appeals For Peace And Unity

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

In a press release he issued to the media Lolimo said: “This is the time our effort is earnestly needed to defend our beloved country South Sudan. I call upon you to mutually join hands and preach about peace and unity as is required of us by the Almighty.”

“To my fellow youth at home, Eastern Equatoria State, This is the time our effort is earnestly needed to defend our beloved country South Sudan,” said Lolimo.

“I would like to take this opportunity on your behalf (youth) to appreciate and encourage the Government of Eastern Equatoria State for the effort of peace and true stewardship shown during the past few hard days,” he said.

He also strongly has urged his fellow youth to consider putting God ahead by praying for Him to intervene so that peace and unity may prevail in South Sudan.

“We shall never and ever support anybody who wishes to drag us towards any meaningless war and for self interest. We need services like, health facilities and services, good education road and social amenities in our state and country,” he asserted.

“We as youth affirm our commitment for peace and unity in Eastern Equatoria State and shall continue to condemn what is evil and can harm the society.”

Lolimo also believed that what started in Juba on December 15, 2013 was a coup attempt geared by selfish and greedy power monsters which he said consequently led to the loss of many innocent lives.

The youth leader also reminded the leaders of the country of the journey to independence. “We call upon our leaders to understand well the long and costly journeys they had fought for that claimed many lives and the successive attainment of our Independence on July 09, 2011.”

According to him, South Sudan is a beautiful country endowed with abundant natural resources which can be used to develop it.

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