NBGS Minister Defies Summon Over Land Disputes

The embattled NBGS Infrastructure Minister Anguei Diing Diing in a previous press conference. [Gurtong]

Anguei was to appear in person before the August house on Monday but he failed to show up. Lands disputes in the state have become so tense that the lawmakers summoned him for some questioning. Last week, there was a big peaceful demonstration over land matters.

In their ordinary sitting of the sixth session on Monday, the parliamentarians termed failure of the minister to appear before them as a sully and negligence to the constitutional post.

“The minister of physical infrastructure has been having outstanding problems to do with land issues but he has never paid attention nor has he given time to listen to those issues,” Hon. Santino Mayuat, an area MP of Maper constituency lamented.

“Instead, he takes long leaves to Juba without addressing burning issues within his ministry.” Mayuat questioned the competency of the minister’s work in handling the peoples’ concerns.

According to the state Transitional Constitution of NBGS articles 56 and 58, any public office holder is answerable for clarifications before the legislators for public convenience.

“As he fails to show up again this year, the law will take its course immediately after failing to comply with our next summon,” another legislator Hon. Garang Majak Bol warned.

In a proposed motion overwhelmingly seconded by the whole attendants of the August house, the minister is expected to reappear before the August house immediately to respond to the chaos arising within his ministry’s mandate.

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