National Secondary Leaving Exams Kick Off In WBGS

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The Governor was accompanied on his visit to Wau Girls Secondary School, one of the 21 examination centres in Western Bahr El Ghazal State (WBGS), by a delegation including state Education minister Michael Madut Chan and other ministers.

Last year’s national school leaving exams were widely criticized, due to allegations of irregularities including leaked and missing papers. As a result, there were protests from students who called for the cancellation of the exam results. In light of these concerns, the state Education minister moved to reassure the public, and the students, regarding the arrangements for the 2014 exams.

“These examinations are being well arranged compared to last year’s exams which were mostly messed up during the distribution to the centers across the Country”, he said, continuing: “For this time, we are quite sure that there will be no complaint except if there are any unexpected technical circumstances”.

Minister Chan confirmed that the examination papers had been received on 16 June, with immediate distribution by plane to Raga County, which is managing three examination centres and which last year suffered from a failure to deliver papers in time for the exams.

Encouraging those students due to sit the exam, he said: “We need you the students to feel free… there is nothing difficult there, what is today in the paper is what you have been learning”. He also warned students against cheating during their exams, particularly against the use of electronic devices to access the internet during the exams.

South Sudan abandoned the formerly-followed Sudanese national examination system in 2011 after independence and is now in the process of developing its own curricula.

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