Dictator Omar Bashir Will Go It For Lifetime

"Those who are pushing for postponement of referendum are the same people who will blame us for not sticking to the outlined principles of the CPA".

Omar Bashir is the only dictator who currently seems to be getting away with serious crimes like mayhems that were committed in South Sudan during the years of intense civil war. Three and half million citizens were killed in South Sudan while another 3.1 million citizens were killed in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile region. Bashir, Osman Ali Taha, and Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein are accountable for the death of all the seven million citizens largely from South and other region of Sudan who lost their lives during the darks years of genocide.

Two days ago, Bashir sent Abdel Rahim to Egypt to talk over the new war of genocide he is thinking of initiating before or after the referendum in South Sudan. Bashir is the most wanted criminal and he earns to go it for lifetime. It is Bashir who ordered the rape of hundreds of thousands of women and children mainly in South and other regions as well. Bashir armed Joseph Konyi against children and women in Uganda, DRC, Central African Republic, Chad and Darfur. Bashir also created a network of Jihadists and mercenaries in in various parts of Darfur and borders of South Sudan. It is true that Bashir is organizing jihadists to launch genocide in South Sudan. That is why it is important at this time to deploy UN & AU forces before January.

Postponing the Referendum is a forced unity

We cannot accept the postponement of referendum even for one day. Those who are pushing for postponement of referendum are the same people who will blame us for not sticking to the outlined principles of the CPA. Relocating of universities cannot be used as a tactic to extend the referendum because it is all about being cuckolded to accept the postponement which will again turn to be another denunciation for the failure of CPA. We will build better universities in South Sudan and therefore there is no need to focus on materials like computers, projectors and all other less important things. The important thing is only the INDEPENDENCE OF SOUTH SUDAN


It will be harmonised with the help of UNHCR and other human rights agencies to arrange the return of Southerners after plebiscite. Bashir, Taha, and Abdel Rahim are not enduring another two years in governance again. Good front-runners from North will take over from Bashir very soon and they will build good North-South relations. Bashir should know that Southerners are not ill-advised like they were when they used to accept inducement in 1970s because time has changed, eras have gone, and Southerners have changed

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