Makuei Urged Journalist To Follow Ethics

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Minister Makuei was speaking during the “get together discussion of journalist on the role of media in nation building” in New Sudan Palace Hotel in Juba on Sunday.

Makuei said, “You must be careful with your words. Use appropriate information and disseminate correctly”

“Yes there is need to know about the duties and rights. It is your duty to exercise your work according to the law. Don’t steps on the toes of others including the government” he explains.

The minister admitted that it is true that some of the journalist may not be getting correct information as some of the officials may be sensitive to giving information. He urged journalists to use correct procedures to approach the concern authorities/ministers so that they are delivered accurate and correct information.

Makuei asked journalists to be responsible and use proper ethics. “If you cross the line there will be no way not to take you to face the law,” he warned the journalists.

“Give the most accurate information, don’t add your own. We are not against the freedom of expression but we want you to report rightly” he added.

Information Minister Micheal Makuei asked all the journalists both nationals and internationals to be law abiding, “Try to be national. Any foreign nationalist must abide by the law as well as the nationals,” he said. “Am saying this because I don’t want you to be taken by the law anytime” he cautioned.

Dr. James Okuk, an analyst said that the due course of the law should be followed to manage the journalists. If a journalist steps on your toes try to follow the procedures,” he said.

Philip Thon Aleu a freelance journalist said that the only thing to make the government and journalist coexist is the use of dialogue saying that it is not good for media to fight with the government, which he said will not happen.
Prof. John Akec applauds the role played by the media houses in disseminating information as well as the government role to the media. Akec urged the Government to support the media houses to make them operate well.

The meeting was chaired by the Hon Minister Micheal Makuei for information, Prof. Abednego Akok Chairperson of National Electoral Commission and Ateny Wek Ateny the president spokesperson in the office of the president attended by almost all the journalist from different media houses including locals and international.

“Since the crisis started on December 15th 2013, the social fabric of the people of South Sudan is at threat, our unity in diversity was tested and the unity of the Country remains hanging on the balance. As the Nation is looking forward in restoring the unity of the Country, media have a significant role to play in promoting peace and development” said the statement by the GEBU (Greater Bhar el Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile Center for peace, Reconciliation and Development who organized the event

GEBU Center for peace, reconciliation and development sponsored the event of get together dinner for all the journalists, analysts and opinion writers to discuss the role media can play in ensuring peace and security in the Country.

The discussion look at the media reporting trend on how it report issues related to conflicts, what responsibilities the media houses and journalist should take when disseminating information.

The discussion further focus on how the media can promote peace and reconciliation and further examine the challenges faced by journalists to get accurate information, the sources they used and how they work together with other institutions to ensure that whatever the media disseminate is not a threat to the national security of the Country.

Journalists, editors, opinions writers and analysts including Prof. John Akec, Philip Deng, amongst others attended and had great interactions and share of ideas on how to inform the public to maintain peace and stability.

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