Juba Floods Affect Government Institutions

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Authorities in Juba Multi-Service Training Centre (MTC) have reported that most of   their offices were affected by running water that had rushed into all buildings soaking up all the materials in them and almost cause harm to the environment of the premises.

The Deputy Director for training Ms Aida Christopher Gwonza explained that MTC’s workers have tried to block the water by using all the available mechanism yet it was beyond their capacity.

She said that it has taken them two days to drain out water in their offices and that the flood has also affected the electricity running system, making it not to operate for another two days.

“When water came in, we were all around and we tried to block it. However, it was beyond our capability, so we continued moving out some papers and files to be put at higher positions in offices. The water slept in offices again then the following day we have to line up to drain it out. It was miserable,” Gwonza explained.

“When we wanted to block from the door, other water was coming from the windows. It was dangerous. In this way the working condition of the workers can get discouraged,” Gwonza added.

She said the centre was affected because there is no water channel that can divert water direction to different places. MTC which is situated behind Juba Football Stadium is in lowland position and that water from highland can easily slope down to the centre distressing the institution’s working situation.

Juba town with a number of hills situated within residential areas affect homes and offices if heavy rainfalls have poured. The city also has no well dug water-drainage to help divert flood that ends up destroying premises.

The last weekend Juba flood has destroyed many homes inThongpiny, Gudele, Munuki and other lowland areas in city.

Citizens complain that the government must establish concrete water channels so that the poorly constructed homes cannot always remain victims with children and vulnerable groups sleeping in wet places.

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