Former Primary Candidates Will Retake Examinations In Jonglei

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Jonglei ministry of education has instructed former primary candidates, who sat for Primary Leaving Examinations in November last year, to retake the examinations so that they qualify to have national certificates of education.

In December last year, examination papers [answer sheets] were burned to ashes before they were transferred for verification, marking and grading in Juba. 

Minister of Education, Tut Kuony Nyang, said his ministry has decided to make former candidates retake the examinations so that all of them can have original certificates.  

“We called the candidate to join any secondary school in Form One; so in meantime, they will prepare themselves to sit for the examinations so that they have their certificates,” minister Nyang told Gurtong.

He said that the national ministry of education invited three education ministries of Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei to consult them on how they can re-examine the students who have now joined secondary school level without certificates.

Kuony Nyang, said they have informed non-governmental organizations (NGOs) so that they can collect students data from neighbouring countries.

“We agree that the exams of Jonglei State will be used by the other two states. For students who are at the border areas, NGOs will help us to reach those areas,” the minister told Gurtong a week ago.

Akech Gai Kuur, who sat last year in Bor A Primary School, agrees to retake examinations to get originalCertificate of Education.

He said if somebody goes to secondary school without a primary school certificate, “then where will he or she manage to get certificate after the end of secondary school?”  

Peter Nai Mayen, who studies in Malek Secondary School, says he is ready for any examinations.  “Am willingnow to sit to get the original certificate. If they say that the exams will be this month, I can agree with them to sit because last year’s exams papers were destroyed. So now, for me, I can read the primary books and even the secondary school books.”

But Jabbless Pajieth Ajieth, disagreed with the initiative, saying that the destruction of examination results was not of their making. He said they don’t need to sit for any exams. 

“It’s only for the ministers of education to discuses that, then give us the certificates.”  

This year the ministry of education issued former candidates mock results for them to get enrolled in any secondary school and the majority of the students have joined secondary schools.

The state minister said the total number of students who registered for 2013 primary leaving examination were 1237 candidates in Jonglei State.

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