Western Equatoria To Launch Emergency Road Repair

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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This call came after the business community complaint that all their goods are stuck in the bush due to the bad road at Rasolu and Karika of Faragusaka -Mundri.

More than 1000 heavy trucks are stranded along the Yei-Faragusake road due to the bad road. Many trucks have fallen off the main road and damaged traders’ goods. 

Speaking to the press the State Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Hon. Clement Mbugoniwa, said the state has no responsibility and the budget over the trunk road. He aid it is the responsibility of central government in Juba; but the state intervenes to repair some critical roads because they impact on the economy of the state.

Hon Clement disclosed that the current situation was projected back in February before the rainy season; and that was a joint assessment with his counterparts in Western Bhar el Gazal State, from Tambura county to Wau The cost was estimated at 2.6 million pounds which was a small amount urgently needed to start repairing the road before rainy season.

“Early in March 2014 there was a report made by our branch office that Rosolu has very bad pot holes and required immediate attention. We sent in a team which confirmed that the distance which was bad and needed attention as soon as possible was only 5kms long and because the money required for the distance was only 800,000ssp, we had several meetings with the partners, and the business community and agreed that we should mobilize resources within, so that we could repair it; but this amount was not raised. Now the bad part, which was only 5km is now 33km. It has become more dangerous and no longer in the capacity of the state to repair. 

“The same applies to the Karika road. In the beginning the bad part was only 2.5metres and now it is gone to 5km,” Clement noted.

He further told the press that over 1000 trucks, jammed full of commodities, are stranded on the road, unable to reach Yambio, the state capital.

“Our hands are tight, but as a state we do have moral obligation to our population, in terms of the services we should offer to the people. So we have had a series of meetings with the development partners so that we can see what we can collect in terms of resources to go and make the road at least passable,” he added

He finally disclosed that the business community has contributed 22,000ssp to push the work quickly and he hailed their support, adding that some partners as well have responded positively.

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