Salah Gosh Plan “B” On South Sudan, Wow, What Would That Be?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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"Gallantly, Salah Gosh has to be warned just to back off from his usual belittlement and belligerent towards Southerners".

There is a saying in English that, if you want peace prepare for the War, this is exactly what South Sudan army would have done in the aftermath of NCP’s aerial bombardment.

Well it is of course apparently crystal clear, they (NCP) wants to twirl into their old nasty tactics of molesting Southerners. NCP was and still is known for genocide, raping, torturing, enslavement, oppression and abrogating accords and hence, their contingency plan on South Sudan is not far away from aforementioned ill intentions.

Someone told me NCP have paid few Southerners in Khartoum to back them and these paid individuals disappeared into the thin air, some headed southward taking with them chunk of Sudanese Pounds, others finally decided not to vote. NCP is just at the state of an absolute frustration they have confirmed their avenues of cheating and luring Southerners into endorsing Unity couldn’t lend them any success at all.

As I write, NCP have fully sensed and understood this forthcoming Referendum outcome will be of total secession and departure of South Sudan, which of course is imminent comes rain or sunshine. So, all they can do is to cause mayhem and commotion in the region so that they scare away eligible voters. And therefore, GOSS President had to be thanked by some people for his tranquil call on not to avenge just to eschew SPLM/SPLA full scale War with NCP, or else for SPLM/SPLA to acquire recognition and support from international society as a party that didn’t backslide the Country into War.

I personally disagreed with the GOSS President decree of not revenging though. This had been in progression. Aweil North County in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State air bombardment, was the second time the NCP hits South region, first of which being that of Abiei area at South-North border and in all of these aerial bombardment, they wounded or killed a Southerner, so can that not be the plan “B” they overtly talked about? So what is South Sudan counter-plan to Salah Gosh of NCP? Shall South sit back and wish miracle to happen? Nah!!! Nobody shall ever come to our rescue unless we stand up and say in the NCP face enough is enough. Never again should they assail the area and be allowed to get a way with it.

Why our men in uniform are as reluctant as per-se? It isn’t all the time mandate comes from the President or any presiding officer in the given battalion. There are sometimes or situations soldiers act in self-defense, and this so far one of them, soldiers in that region would have shot down these planes momentarily why allowed them to bomb the area incessantly and wait orders from above?

Our silent militarily, sent a wrong message about south military capabilities to our foe and their allies. South Sudan army would have taught NCP a lesson by gunning down those two gunships. We all want peace when our partners are serious about it. If they choose not to stay true to us, why then we care? They always say in English, if you want peace prepare for the War. Southerners shouldn’t allow themselves to be butchered again by the Ruthless NCP, Jellabin who have caused humpty dumpty effect on South Sudan populace for number of years.

Gallantly, Salah Gosh has to be warned just to back off from his usual belittlement and belligerent towards Southerners. Long gone are those days SPLM/SPLA used to plan its move in the bush, now it is a government just like his NCP, and if SPLA/SPLM strikes, consequences will be much devastating in the Sudan anyway. Gosh had been topping the list of Jellabin who used to utter threats and vicious insult to Southerners the time we were in the bush until the time we are in. If NCP didn’t do away with SPLM/SPLA in those gloomy and dark years then Salah Gosh have to forget about it now. SPLA has transformed itself into a capable national army headed by two entrusted gentlemen James Hoth Mai and Nhial Deng Nhial.

Parenthetically, NCP is just attempting a suicidal move which will render them an absolute mess if SPLA/SPLM breaks silent. What will happen if Darfur continues fighting them from the North and SPLA from the South? It will definitely be a doomsday for NCP. They better forge a healthy relationship with SPLA for now just to buy time or else they will be regretful if such behaviour continues.

Just to wrap it up, it is my personal perspective anyway and if whatsoever you think GOSS President move by ordering ceasefire was better and expedient, then you are entitled to your thoughts and should you never feel displace of your stance. Finally, my condolences and heartfelt goes to the people of Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Abiei Citizens who suffered repetitive mistreatment in the hand of NCP reckless agents.

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