Over 1,000 Burkinabe soldiers now in Ivory Coast

The ivoirian political situation is getting more and more serious.
Around 1,000 soldiers from Burkina Faso have landed in Bouaké to support the Ouattara rebels for the battle.
According to the information received these soldiers have been conducted to Bouake by koné Sakaria rebel who left the country for Ouagadougou two years ago because of his misunderstanding with Soro the ivoirian rebellion spokesman appointed by H.E Laurent Gbagbo after the Ouagadougou peace accord Prime Minister in 2007.
During the Ivoirian peace process, the rebel Koné zakaria accused soro of betrayal because the coup they did 2002 was for Ouattara and so according to him the negotiations undertaken by soro with Gbagbo were meaningless.
Yesterday on an ivoirian newspaper, koné zakaria coming back in the country declared that he will arrest Gbagbo soon.
As far as Dramane Ouattara the unfortunate candidate is concerned he is still contesting the electoral results and refuses any negotiation. The special envoy of the African Union H.E Thabo Mbeki spent two days in Ivory Coast to engaged discussion with both sides.
Guillaume Soro following blindly his mentor Ouattara, declared that they will resume war in order to overthrown the Gbagbo regime. This is obviously why called upon the warlord Koné Zakaria with additional soldiers from Burkina Faso for the great battle.
Burkina Faso is a neighbouring country located in the northern part of Côte d’Ivoire with Blaise Compaoré as head of state. H.E Compaoré was the facilitator of the ivoirian crisis he failed in the disarmament of the rebels and the elections were organized in a volatile environment.
During the polls the rebels took the side of Ouattara Allassane preventing Gbagbo supporters to vote, killed some of them and manipulated the election results in the northern regions under their control.


  1. Daniel,

    This seems like an incredibly one-scomment_IDed view of the subject. Just as an example: The UN claims there was more violence and vote rigging in Gbagbo’s West than there was in the North.

    A little bit of fact-checking and allowing for the existence of alternative views rather than stating as fact what you so fervently want to believe in might just turn future articles of yours into a useful source of information.

  2. voici pour les milles burkinabés rentrés avec zakaria, et lexplication de son desaccord avec soro et de ses intention pour allassane

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