Women Call For Recognition in Southern Sudan

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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South Sudanese women have asked for sufficient recognition from their government for their contribution to development.

Speaking at the inauguration of the first power generation and distribution system in Kapoeta on Friday February 4, the chairperson of Kapoeta South Women Association Regina Fulgensio urged the Government of Southern Sudan to support women to venture into income-generating activities.

“It is not enough for the government to accord 25 percent to women as stipulated by the 2005 peace deal’s document but the government must consider giving women opportunities to have access to loans to enable them carry out small- scale businesses to uplift livelihoods”, she said.

“We are not only seeking for political recognition or representation but economic viability. Some of us already have great business ideas but have difficulty in accessing loans which could be used as startups”, she added.

Fulgensio said it is discouraging to see women, especially widows struggling to bring up their children while the government does nothing despite fully understanding their situation.

“South Sudanese women across the region have continued to play big role in supporting referendum especially voting for secession in large in numbers apart from contributing variously during the more than two decades of conflicts”, she said.

“Therefore, our government must reward women as they form the base of the society and hence contributing massively to economic prosperity in the new country of South Sudan”, said Fulgensio.

She also thanked the US Government for efforts to develop South Sudan.

Speaking during the function, the head of the US diplomatic mission to Juba Ambassador (retired) Barrie Walkley re-affirmed the US Government’s commitment to support economic development and political governance in South Sudan.

“The potential of South Sudan will be dazzling with its superior economic growth than others may think. South Sudan will definitely prove doubting Thomases. The referendum has brought South Sudan into the global spotlight as a potential investment ground”, he said.

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