Red Cross Helps Hundreds Of Peoples Affected by Floods In Fangak

This article was last updated on May 28, 2022

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The South Sudan Red Cross says it has started evacuating hundreds of people affected by floods in Fangak State.


South Sudan Red Cross Volunteers evacuating vulnerable people during a flood season [File]

By Jacob Achiek

BOR, 15th August, 2016 [Gurtong] – The resent floods have worsened the situation of people in the state as it has caused displacement of the host community to higher grounds. State Director of Red Cross, David Gai Deer, says Red Cross volunteers are helping more than 700 households which have been affected by floods in Old Fangak. He said evaluation of affected families is progressing, together with the registration of the most affected people, in order for Red Cross to identify people’s needs.

Gai said that most of their volunteers and field officers told them that more than 700 households were confirmed to have been affected.

He’s saying that the Red Cross team makes sure that elderly people, especially those who will not be able to evacuate themselves to higher grounds, need help.

Fangak’s Health Minister, John Deng, welcomed the support done by South Sudan Red Cross society in the state. Deng encouraged Red Cross delivers food and none food items to the most affected communities in the state.

 “During the rainy season Kalazar, typhoid and Malaria is always there. Now the people there are in need of assistance from all humanitarian organizations. They need medicines, food and all other necessities. ”

Health Minister John Deng said that annual floods usually displace people to the highlands above swampy areas. People also supper from water borne diseases at such times.

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