Millions left homeless as floods hit Sindh

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The southern Sindh province, worst affected by monsoon rains, has made millions of people homeless.

Since late August, according to a recent report, 4.5 million acres have been flooded in this particular area and the local government is under pressure to provide shelter and food to the flood affected people. The homeless people, about 300,000 are badly threatened by diseases and in this regard possible chances of epidemics have been predicted by the analysts.  

In Khoski, in the small village of Ghulam Jat, all 25 mud and thatched houses were destroyed by the flood.

"The rations come here but the looters snatch it away. Some people buy it at low rates. We don’t get anything. Non-governmental organisations and the army are giving us support. The government personnel are not showing up.” A resident, Ghulam Nabi said.

The UN’s World Food Program agency announced that it is presently functioning to give emergency supplies to half a million people. The UN agency would also measure operations which aim to reach over two million people in October.

The United States of America says it is supplying food aid for nearly 350,000 Pakistani flood affected people and medical aid for about 500,000, on the other hand Pakistan’s most trusted friend China said it had pledged $4.7 million for humanitarian help.

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