Foreign Ministry of China calls Internet Censorship “International Practice”

According to China’s Foreign Ministry government’s censoring of the Internet meets international standards. The foreign ministry released the aforementioned statement in order to defend the governments censoring of Internet, which according to United States could prove to be a trade barrier.

Jiang Yu the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that Beijing supports the use of the Internet, mentioning that as many as 400 million people in china use the Internet. However she did not at any point respond to questions about a new United States inquiry about internet censorship. She further said that this issue should not be used as a way to interfere in Chinese affairs the reason for regulating the censorship to ensure its healthy development.

Jiang while addressing the media said “This is international practice, at the same time, we are willing to work with other parties to step up communication and exchanges about the Internet and push for sound development of the cyberspace. But we oppose using Internet freedom as an excuse to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.”

China upholds widespread controls over the Internet, from sophisticated filters to corps of human monitors, in order to block material deemed pornographic or politically objectionable to the authoritarian government.

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