PM must write to Swiss authorities, SC

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the Prime Minister to write to the Swiss authorities in all circumstances irrespective of the legal advice to reopen the case against President Zardari.

SC issued its orders Thursday morning stating it clearly that the PM needs to write to Swiss authorities with or without legal advice. The statement was given during a proceeding of the contempt of court case filed on PM in respect to not writing to Swiss authorities gaining information about President’s assets abroad, whereas PM has refused to write the letter stating that he was advised by senior government officials not to do so since they believe that the President has full immunity.

SC further clarified that either a compliance report needs to be filed by 21st of March, 2012 or Prime Minister himself needs to show up in the court on the 21st of March, as the proceedings of the court had been adjourned to his availability.

Maulvi Anwar-ul-haq, the Attorney General of the court has been instructed to convey the decision of the court to the PM “immediately”.

PM has been charged for contempt of court for not writing to Swiss authorities as instructed by the SC and the case is under trial in the SC. The panel of seven judges have instructed that the message should be forwarded to the PM at the earliest that he will have to write to Swiss authorities regardless of all government pressure.

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