Pakistani Sikh thrashed for not converting


At the same time as India and Pakistan governments are trying to find ways to start again discussions, an unpleasant incident of a Sikh Advocate Anup Singh being brutally beaten up and asked to convert to Islam has come to light in Pakistan.

Anup Singh, a resident of Pindi Ghaip, nearly 100 kilometres from Islamabad, was allegedly attacked by a group of about eight to ten peoples.

Some sources in Pakistan said that Anup Singh was brutally beaten up and left seriously injured.

Anup Singh, an advocate by profession, practices law in civil courts. He took a case of a Mrs. Safina Kanwal w\o Muhammad Amin, for a separation and Haq Maher (compensation) from her husband.

Gurmeet Singh from Pakistan has alleged that Muhammad Amin, kidnapped Sardar Anup Singh from his office and took him to his place.

He was stripped and his photographs were taken with Amin’s wife to use it as evidence. He was compelled to sign on the blank paper and brutally beaten.

His hair and beard were cut with the help of Muhammad Amin’s brothers and friends.

Anup Singh was told that if he did not convert to Islam, he would not be allowed to live in the area and would be killed by them, said Gurmeet Singh.

Gurmeet Singh added that Anup Singh has suffered big cuts on his head and face while his legs and arms have been fractured.

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