Bokhari Does it Again: Beauty Queen Helps Raise Funds for Pakistan Flood Relief

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Bokhari, Mrs. Pakistan World 2010 was invited to encourage people last Thursday in Toronto, Canada to donate to a natural disaster that got little attention from the world.  In her opening speech, Bokhari stated that she is a very proud dual citizen of both Canada and Pakistan. She went on to say, "if you are sitting here in this room tonight you are one of the most privileged people in the world. With that comes tremendous responsibility. As a Canadian of Pakistani origin, I feel that many of us dual citizens have an opportunity to role model the spirit of multiculturalism to the world. It is our duty not only to donate generously but to raise awareness on the cause Pakistan as we enjoy the benefits of living in a place like Canada. Those of us who have multiple citizenships, we have the greatest potential to show leadeship in the current transnational and global era. I urge you to not lose this opportunity.

As she went around the room to personally greet each and every guest, Bokhari collected another $1000 on the spot.  She further indicated that "Having worked in earthquake relief in Pakistan, I can say that recovery from the floods will take decades. We must not only think of the 20 million primary victims, but the millions in the overwhelmed cities, where the displaced persons are now residing in shelters, and then further even, the entire country which could be facing a food shortage. Please remember them this Thanksgiving weekend and donate generously."

This special event was organized by the Radisson Hotel in partnership with the Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto. Along with Tahmena Bokhari, special guests included Sahebzada Khan (Consul General of Pakistan), Salma Ataullahjan (new member of the Canadian Senate), and Susan Fennell (Mayor of Brampton).

Pakistan has suffered a loss of about $9.5 billion in the floods that ravaged the country. The floods in Pakistan killed 1,700 people and affected more than 20 million. Sindh suffered the maximum damage amounting to around Rs.350 billion, followed by Punjab Rs.253 billion, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Rs.103 billion, Balochistan Rs.55 billion and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) Rs.5 billion.

(Mrs. Bokhari with Anjum Malik, the key organizer of the event)

 Photo Credits: Mohammaed Moinuddin of Snaps India.
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  1. yes so glad we have a woman ambassador.
    she is so intelligent and gutsy, i just love it
    no offence but these old school mentality men and the women who were brainwashed by them need to move over
    we young pakistani professional and educated women want someone like tahmena as a prominent icon
    we are strong women, we are not immigrants, we do not have an accent, we do not go to the mosque, we are financially independent, we want to live as we please and we are sick of the dictatorships in the Pakistani community in Canada

  2. Tahmena is amazing. She is using the Mrs Pakistan comment_content_author_url as a platform to raise awareness on all the causes that she has already been working on, she is the real deal, not just there for pretty pis, like these politicians, she is so genuinine…..I think someone like Tahmena is a true gem and she does not give hersef enough credit.

  3. NO offence personally to this Salma Atullajaan, but could Harper not find a Pakistani woman to be in the senate who was more educated and has actually WORKED for the community.
    I have never heard of Salma, what has she done? Nothing. Salma merely has a college diploma. Seriously? Salma knows nothing of the social and community issues, she only knows how to sell houses. I mean what kind of profession is that? Same as used car salesman.

    But I am impressed with Tahmena Bokhari. I googled her and it has taken me the last three days to read all that is about her, she has been interviewed so many times, she has done so much work, her articles actually make you think, she is bringing true change. She is symbol of hope.

  4. ms bokhari looks gorgeous. i commend her for everything she is doing to showcase a progressive humanitarian and beautiful scomment_IDe of Pakistan to the world.

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