Hung remains ineligible for parole before December 2015

Wally James Hung, charged with manslaughter, will not be eligible for parole before December 2015. Hung killed an aspiring young footballer with just punching him once. Supreme Court in Brisbane sentenced him six years and nine months in prison on Monday.

Hung assaulted Todd Parnell, 23, in July 2009 on Bribie Island. Parnell was a junior Broncos player who died a day after Hung attacked him. Hung has previously been found guilty of the same offence but his lawyers managed to appeal for a retrial. Reportedly, Hung has already served 12 months of jail-time for assaulting another man while on bail for manslaughter.

Parnell’s family remains devastated by their loss. Mother Jenny Stirling said she is still shocked at the untimely death of her son. Stirling says Parnell was just about to begin a new chapter of his life when Hung shattered his dreams. Parnell’s sister told the court that she will always miss her brother but was glad that justice was served.

On the other hand, Hung’s barrister James Godbolt claimed that his client has suffered from critical depression and anxiety. He said Hung has regretted the outcome of a punch, which he never expected would kill a man. Judge John Byrne remained untouched by Godbolt’s statements. He told the barrister that it is difficult to believe that Hung regrets his actions as he had committed a similar crime while on bail. He said the civilized community does not tolerate such ‘sickening, lethal violence.’

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