Abu Hamza jailed for life over terror crimes

Abu Hamza

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Abu HamzaRadical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has been sentenced to life in prison on Friday over terror crimes including plots to kidnap western tourists in Yemen in 1998 and build a terrorist training camp in Oregon.

British Islamic preacher has been sentenced in America after being found guilty of 11 terror offences. In addition, he also faces the allegation of conspiring to aid organisations like al-Qaeda.

The hook-handed man with only one eye, was found guilty of supporting terror organisations including providing a satellite phone and advice to Yemeni militants, who not only took the Western hostages in Yemen but also killed four of them.

He was also convicted of sending two followers to Oregon to establish a militant training camp and dispatching an associate to Afghanistan to aid al Qaida and the Taliban against the U.S.

Earlier, Hamza was sentenced in Manhattan after his conviction last May.

The 56-year-old preacher’s lawyers asked New York Federal Court judge Katherine Forrest to to give their client a lesser sentence at a prison medical centre due to his amputations and high blood pressure.

Judge Forrest has said Hamza would never be freed again after being found guilty of 11terrorism and kidnapping charges, after a decade’s battle by U.S. authorities to extradite him to the States from Great Britain.

The British cleric will be held in a Supermax federal prison in Colorado, known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies, after Judge Forrest was unconvinced by his pleas to remain in a mainstream jail.

The cleric was also permitted to make his court statement, following which he said to have accepted that he would never be freed again but pleaded to be treated like any other prisoner, so that his human rights were not infringed.

Abu Hamza was convicted in Britain during 2006 of inciting followers to murder Jews and other non-Muslims in sermons at the mosque from 1997 to 2000. He was sentenced to seven years in prison before getting extradited to America in 2012.

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