Protests continue at Trafalgar Square in London, England

Protests in central London

Latest from New Scotland Yard at 15.18

There are around 500 protesters in Trafalgar Square. We have set up cordons around this area, with police at exit points. In small groups the protesters are being encouraged to leave the area via these exit points.

The agreed protest time was between 12-2 and this is now over, so we are encouraging protesters to leave Trafalgar Square enabling Londoners to get back to their normal routine. Protesters are not being allowed down Whitehall.

Latest from New Scotland Yard at 14.33

Two people have been arrested for public order offences in relation to the student protest march.

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The Met police worked with organisers in advance to agree a suitable route from Trafalgar Square down to Parliament Square for a peaceful protest.

However, today’s march set off at an earlier time than agreed. This meant that the march began without a police escort. The police escort was essential due to gas main works on one side of Whitehall.

As a result, a line of police officers formed a cordon across Whitehall. This line of police officers intended to steer the march to one side of the road and the agreed route. There was never any intention to contain the protesters.

The march then broke into small groups, travelling in different directions.

The march continues peacefully, however, it is causing some disruption for Londoners in the West End, in what are already difficult conditions due to the weather.

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