London police release pictures of Parliament Square rioters

Images have been released today by detectives of people they wish to identify.

Detectives from Operation Malone have today (Monday 13 December) released new images of people they want the public’s help to identify.

The images, including both stills and moving footage, are taken from the Parliament Square area following the serious disorder and violence that was seen on London’s streets on Thursday 9 December.

To date, the investigation has received an encouraging response to the appeal issued with photographs on Sunday 12 December, taking in excess of 50 calls.

Superintendent Julia Pendry, from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Public Order Branch, said:

"If you have been on one of the recent demonstrations, and been one of the people who have crossed the line from protestor to criminal, you need to understand that our team is looking for you. In the heat of the moment it can be all too easy to get swept away with the crowd and break

the law. You need to know that you will be the person held accountable for your actions."

Police are assessing intelligence suggesting more demonstrations or protest activity will be held in central London over the course of this week. We have had some contact from one of the groups involved, at a national level, about organising a series of protests today (13 December). There are still organisers of events on Tuesday, 14 December that have not contacted the police to talk about the size and nature of their planned demonstrations.

Superintendent Pendry said: "Looking ahead to this week, I would say to protest groups you still have time to come and work with us. Through dialogue we can help you make your protest go ahead safely, whilst the rest of London can go about its business.

"Importantly for all those people who care very passionately about their right to demonstrate and make their views know we can reduce the risk that your protest may become hijacked.

"We will have a substantial policing operation in place to manage what may happen as a result of these suggested protests. Officers will be deployed on crime and reassurance patrols, giving us a pool of people to quickly draw on and move around as we need them."

Officers will be deployed across central London, with high-visibility policing carried out at key locations and premises. They will be supported by specialist officers, including public order trained and evidence and intelligence gatherers.

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