Ukip Singled Out for Not Addressing LGBT Rights in Manifesto

Several charities working for the rights of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) community have bitterly condemned UKIP for not addressing the issues of gay people in its manifesto. It was stressed that UKIP is the only one of the seven main political parties that has ignored the issue as politicians come under increasing pressure to tackle issues facing the LGBT community.

Even in the past, Ukip has made a series of embarrassing blunders including the accusation against Ukip’s prospective parliamentary candidate Kendrick ‘Dickie’ Bird of calling former Liverpool and Chelsea Fernando Torres “a gay boy like the rest.” It was highlighted that the party did not even figuratively mention the LGBT rights in its manifesto. Whereas on the other hand, all mainstream political parties including the Liberal Party, Conservatives, Green Party made special mentions. The Liberal Democrats dedicated an entire page to showcasing its efforts to support those who identify as LGBT, while the Labour Party promised to continue tackling homophobia at home and abroad, and the Conservatives mentioned LGBT rights in its section on its Big Society policy, in a paragraph on “equal rights,” reminding readers that the Coalition introduced of gay marriage.

According to a spokesperson for LGBT charity, Stonewall, the decision is “extremely disappointing.” It was stressed that “it’s extremely disappointing that Ukip has failed to recognise or agree to help tackle issues affecting the way certain groups of people can live freely as themselves without fear of persecution or discrimination,” adding that “we’re at an extremely important point in the LGBT movement where, if we have any hope of achieving this, complacency is not an option”.

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