Alton Towers Owners Negate All Criticism of the Smiler Ride

Alton Towers owners have straight forwardly dismissed all highly publicized faults on its Smiler rollercoaster ride as “teething problems.” In response to the incident that left four people with serious injuries on Tuesday, the chief executive of the company running the Staffordshire attraction, Merlin Entertainments, Nick Varney alleged that it would “dig deep into trying to find the causes of an accident that frankly shouldn’t have happened.”

The theme park has been closed since Wednesday while its owners refuse to announce its reopening date after 16 riders were rescued from 25ft up in the air at an angle of about 45 degrees. In addition to the current incident related to the Smiler, it has also been closed earlier on two occasions due to safety concerns since its opening two years ago. The ride was closed in July 2013 after reports that a bolt was seen to have fallen from the ride and in November after plastic guard wheels came loose and hit front-row riders.

In his remarks, Varney alleged that “we’re going to dig deep into trying to find the causes of an accident that frankly shouldn’t have happened, because technically all rollercoasters are designed so that two cars can’t be on the same section of the track at the same time and yet clearly they were.” He stated that “tens of millions of people ride rollercoasters around the world every day, every week, and Alton Towers has had exemplary safety. This is the worst thing that has happened at Alton Towers for some time.”

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