Rashel Hussain and Taharak Hussain jailed for Whitechapel attack

A gang who stabbed a man over a road rage incident, and hit him with a crowbar, hammer and bottle, have been jailed for almost 20 years for the attack following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service.

The 30-year-old victim had just left a restaurant in Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, at approximately 21.30hs on Sunday, 30 May this year, when he was almost struck by a silver convertible BMW M4. This prompted him to swear at the car in anger.

Rashel Hussain was a passenger in the front of the BMW and Taharak Hussain a passenger in the back. Directly behind the BMW was a Ford Focus in which Jubhare Hussain was a passenger.

Rashel Hussain, Jubhare Hussain and Taharak Hussain got out of the cars and approached the victim. After a verbal confrontation the victim was hit repeatedly with a crowbar, causing serious injury to his left hand.

The man returned to the restaurant to seek assistance but found that the door was locked. Now trapped in the doorway, he was confronted by Taharak Hussain and Rashel Hussain and stabbed repeatedly by the former.

The victim made his way to the Royal London Hospital where a larger group of males approached him and attacked him for a third time. Rashel Hussain hit him repeatedly with a hammer, Shah Alom assaulted him with a glass bottle, and Jubhare Hussain and Shofiqul Islam punched the victim several times. CCTV shows the victim desperately trying to get away from this group attack.

Many emergency calls were received from horrified members of the public. Shortly afterwards two officers arrived on scene, saved the victim and wrestled with the attackers. Rashel Hussain was arrested at the scene while the others fled. The other members of the group were all arrested during over the course of the following two days as part of an investigation by Tower Hamlets CID.

Since the attack, the victim has lost 60% use of his left hand and he has been scarred with deep wounds to his neck, arm and upper thigh. He is currently undergoing therapy.

The attackers appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court on 2 November 2010 where they pleaded guilty and were remanded in custody for sentencing which took place on Monday 20 December.

Sentencing was as follows:

Rashel Hussain, aged 20, of Fairclough Street, E1, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm having already pleaded guilty to violent disorder on 29 October 2010, and was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Taharak Hussain, aged 21, of Parfett Street, E1, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

Jubhare Hussain, aged 21, of Parfett Street, E1, pleaded guilty to violent disorder on 29 October and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Shofiqul Islam, aged 21, of Wallwood Street, E14, pleaded guilty to violent disorder on 29 October and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Shah Alom, aged 22, of Romford Street, E1, also pleaded guilty to violent disorder on 29 October and was sentenced to 27 months imprisonment.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Constable Darcia Babb said: "This was an outrageous and prolonged attack on a defenceless victim by a gang of thugs.

"Extreme violence of this nature is rare but when it does happen we will make sure those responsible are brought to justice. The intervention of the two police officers, who were outnumbered and displayed great bravery, probably saved the man’s life."


  1. This attack was triggered as a result of the victim attacking one of the twin brothers. The was a continuous blow of punches being thrown at the weaker twin when he intervened on his brother’s behalf to stop what at first would seem like a small dispute on the road, which eventually turned extremely violent. The weaker twin intervened and attempted to stop the dispute, the victim ignited the initial blow which lead to this brutal attack. I do not by the least justify their action but ask you to at least attempt to perceive the whole picture, not just the picture your being fed. No one was a saint in this inccomment_IDent. In addition, this was not a racial nor was it a religious attack. It was a young group of hot blooded adults within the age of 20 to 21 who went out of control after seeing a humongous man of 30 pounding a 20 year old adult who by the way was 1/3 of his size and underweight at 6 stones in weight, suffering from a serious life threatening illness (Continued)..

  2. (Continued).. Again I am going to say this I do not justify their actions. These young adults got raged with anger after seeing a shy young guy of whom they were well acquainted with being attacked.

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