Retired football coach David Berry jailed for sexual abuse of boys, London

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

A 70 year old man who sexually abused young boys over a 35 year period, was on Friday 14 January, sentenced to an indeterminate sentence, to serve a minimum of nine years.

David Berry, 70, a retired caretaker of Jubilee Road, Greenford, Middlesex, exploited his position of trust, whilst working in a school and as a football coach; even befriending some of the victims’ families.

He first began abusing a teenage boy in 1975, and he continued to abuse others until just weeks before he was arrested by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s rape investigation unit, Sapphire, on 22 April 2010.

A search of Berry’s home found videos and images of the pensioner sexually abusing young boys. He was arrested and interviewed and as the scale of the abuse became clear, the investigation was transferred Child Abuse Command’s Serious Case Team for further investigation. He was charged with a total of 45 serious sexual offences against children including sexual assault, gross indecency and rape.

On 29 November 2010 Berry appeared at Isleworth Crown Court, where he admitted a total of 22 counts of serious sexual abuse, including repeated rape relating to five victims aged between 8 and 17-years.

Berry also admitted taking indecent photographs and video footage of himself engaging in sexual activity with some of the children.

During police interview, Berry admitted to sexually abusing five boys and provided their names to police. He referred to having relationships or "flings" with the boys, and even described sexual activity as being "mutual".

While admitting digital penetration, oral sex and "simulating" intercourse, during a police interview he still initially denied any allegations of rape on some of the boys. He finally pleaded to the remainder on 29 November 2010.

All of the victims were known to the defendant, who deliberately targeted, groomed and abused them when they were very young. His abuse continued until the boys reached the age of or 17 before turning his attention to another younger child. The victims are now aged between 13 and 50-years.

Berry preyed on vulnerable victims, including a child with learning difficulties, plying some of them with alcohol to facilitate some of the abuse. As a reward Berry showered his victims with gifts and provided them with pocket money.

A mother of a one of those abused by Berry as a child said: "I was so shocked and sad for him. It explained his behaviour in the past – his drinking and temper. When he was telling me [about the abuse] he was angry and upset."

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