Rochdale MP Danczuk Says Exes, Girlfriends Don’t decide who Rochdale MP is

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk has declared that his ex-wives and girlfriends are not the ones who decide who Rochdale MP is. In response to being suspended by the Labour Party over lewd text messages he sent to Sophena Houlihan when she was 17, Mr Danczuk insisted that allegations by ex-partners about his behaviour were irrelevant.

During an interview, Danczuk stated that “it is not for ex-girlfriends or ex-wives to determine who the MP for Rochdale is. It is for the residents of Rochdale to determine who the MP for Rochdale is,” adding that “I have been very clear about what issues I have addressed personally and I will continue to do so.” Mr Danczuk said he was planning to carry out visits in his constituency and “have a chat about it”.

Mr Danczuk’s former partner, Claire Hamilton, has claimed that his confession to have sent the texts to Miss Houlihan was the tipping point for their relationship shortly after Christmas. During an interview, Ms Hamilton explained that “Simon hasn’t got a stop button when he starts to drink. He will just keep consuming. If it’s there, he’ll drink it. She alleged that “he can be a very charming, funny, lovely person, and then sometimes when he’s had a drink and he was stressed he would be very nasty and grumpy and someone you wouldn’t want to be around.” Houlihan elucidated that “it was getting harder and harder to be in the relationship, to the point that when he did confess to texting a teenage girl, it was definitely over. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and I knew there was no going back to him.”

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