PM Cameron to Consider Taking More Syrian Child Refugees

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has finally taken back his strong stance against taking refugee children from European camps and assured to “see what more we can do.” In his remarks, Cameron alleged that the Government would “go around local authorities” to see if the UK could take more children from the camps in Europe following increasing pressure over the issue, including from his own backbenchers.

Cameron explained that the Government is in talks with the charity, Save the Children, on how the Government can help unaccompanied children in European camps. However, the Prime Minister was insistent that no “new arrivals” to Europe following the EU-Turkey pact would be taken by the UK because he did not want to encourage people to make the journey. In response to Cameron’s announcement, Lord Dubs alleged that “I welcome the Government’s decision, as it will help ease the plight of some of the unaccompanied child refugees in Europe” and “I trust the Prime Minister will be true to his word and move swiftly to ensure the Home Office works closely with local authorities to find foster families to give these young people a stable and secure home.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Cameron stated that “I do want us to proceed with as much support across the House as we can. I am also talking to Save the Children to see what we can do more, particularly about children who came here before the EU-Turkey deal was signed,” adding that “what I don’t want us to do is to take steps that will encourage people to make this dangerous journey because otherwise our actions, however well-meaning they will be, could result in more people dying than more people getting a good life.”

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