Palestinian PM Shtayyeh Resigns Demanding Reforms

Palestinian Prime Minister Shtayyeh Resigns

This article was last updated on February 26, 2024

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Palestinian PM’s Resignation: A Push for Reforms

In a remarkable move that signifies need for change, the Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh has tendered his resignation. This drastic action, implemented at the behest of President Mahmoud Abbas, is directing international attention towards the dire need for comprehensive reforms in Palestine’s governance. International players such as the United States and a number of Arab countries have expressed support for the renewal and optimization of the Palestinian Authority (PA). This transformation would mark a resurgence for Abbas’ leading party, Fatah, within the PA, with Hamas currently not part of this equation. Hamas, nevertheless, is embroiled in a conflict with Israel in Gaza.

Reformed PA: A Potential Solution to Gaza Crisis

The United States advocates for an overhauled PA to regain administrative control of the Gaza Strip once the ongoing conflict ceases. Israel, however, contradicts this perspective, holding steadfast in maintaining control over Gaza’s security landscape as a preemptive measure to stave off fresh attacks. Prime Minister Shtayyeh has identified the need for administrative revamps citing the emergence of a “new reality” within the Gaza Strip.

Creation of a New Government: A Possible Solution?

If the resignation gets approved by President Abbas, a mere formality observers claim, a pathway for a novel Palestinian government might emerge. Despite this potential, uncertainties linger regarding its formation and functionality. Mohammad Mustafa, the chairman of the Palestinian Investment Fund, is the top contender to succeed Shtayyeh.

International Pressure: Does it Herald Change?

Our correspondent, Nasrah Habiballah, has noted insights on these developments: “The Palestinian Authority (PA) expresses immense interest in taking part in the governance of both Gaza and a forthcoming Palestine state, which entails requisite reforms. Nonetheless, the PA has previously disclosed to Israeli media that changes in governance would hinge on international guarantees for Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

The Role of Hamas: Involvement or Absence?

It is hoped that such moves will exploit United States’ influence on Israel to bring the current conflict to a resolution. The exact role of Hamas in all of this remains uncertain. Approach to Hamas’ involvement in any new government is met with reluctance by both the United States and Israel. Sources within Hamas reveal, meanwhile, that the group may support a provisory technocratic government. This interim government should spearhead revival reforms and pave the way for fresh parliamentary elections. Post-elections, it is anticipated that Hamas will assume a largely background role.”

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