Escalation of Violence – Over 100 Casualties Amid Aid Struggles and Israeli Shelling in Gaza

Israeli Shelling Gaza

This article was last updated on February 29, 2024

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Devastating Report: Over 100 Gazan Lives Lost

According to Palestinian officials, more than 100 individuals lost their lives in Gaza on Thursday due to being caught amidst the crossfires while awaiting aid. The Israeli military officials reported instances of “violent assembly”, which triggered distress among the crowds. Hospital executives and the Hamas-led Health Ministry reported a total of 104 fatalities and 760 injuries, according to reports obtained from Reuters and Al Jazeera. On their side, the Israeli Defense Forces recounted events of a “violent assembly” that took place during the delivery of relief supplies, leading to alleged looting. The scuffle reportedly resulted in several people sustaining injuries. Well-known news platforms, Times of Israel and Ynet, confirm the reporting of the tumultuous events. A parallel narrative was painted by eyewitness accounts relayed to news agencies AFP and CNN.

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority Labels Incident as ‘Massacre’

Sources close to the Israeli Defense Forces reported to Reuters and Times of Israel that civilians began moving closer to the soldiers which created a potentially dangerous threat. An escalated response was thus triggered, where the soldiers resorted to gunfire. The military personnel were primarily stationed in the area to oversee and coordinate the successful delivery of relief supplies, as reported by The Jerusalem Post and N12. The reports state that these troops were responsible for opening fire on the civilian population. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, referred to the incident as nothing short of a “massacre”. Oxfam International condemned this act as a severe and “gross violation” of international humanitarian law. Jordan and Egypt have also pointed out the Israeli violence as they voiced their strong condemnation.

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