Iraq or Arak?

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It seems, following various comments, that  AFP ‘s report  may contain (subject to confirmation? )  either a typo or an error of translation. In french Irak instead of Iraq (english wording) may easily be confused with Arak’s reactor.

At the end of the day, _if such a typo is confirmed_, this brings 2 learnings:

i)Iran does not make a rigid linkage between a successful agreement on the nuclear issue and cooperation on Iraq   : ( Tehran seems to have understood that some cooperation with the West on Iraq,Syria, against EIIL is desirable for everybody while it cannot be used as a bargaining card.But looking at the feasibility of such a cooperation may bring a better climate of understanding without prematurely dreaming “peace and love”.) ;

ii) it shows that a concession on Arak is used here as a genuine bargaining card for some sanctions relief. Here raises one question: will it be sufficient? Was this a trial balloon?

If AFP’s report was deprived of such a typo or error,this would mean the opposite: Iran heavily plays the “cooperation” card. In such a case, this would be a risky gamble: while obviously Washington leaders ( and ,more recently a newcomer :France) wish to acknowledge that Iran is both a regional power (an achievement) and a potential contributor for stabilizing the region,Tehran cannot be sure of getting thanks to a “good cop behaviour’ an easier compromise on the nuclear dossier ,even if the climate is somewhat improved.

We still need more time for assessing this.

With usual caveats

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