Trump’s Victory Could Threaten Ontario’s Economy: Wynne

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has expressed sheer “shock” on the possibility that U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s anti-trade rhetoric becoming a reality. In her comments on Wednesday, Wynne claimed she is “worried” about Trump’s threat to rip up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that is so vital to Ontario’s economy. Wynne explained that “my biggest fear … is the trade relationship” because United States is the province’s most important trading partner accounting for 80.5 per cent of Ontario exports.

Supporting her claim, Wynne stressed that Ontario’s thriving auto industry is so “entwined” with that of Michigan that they are interdependent. She alleged that “we have a responsibility to find ways to work together.” Moreover, the premier expressed concerns about the impact of a Trump presidency and a Republican Congress on efforts to tackle climate change because Trump has claimed that global warming was a “Chinese hoax” perpetrated to hobble American manufacturing.

Whereas on the other hand, Ontario has placed a price on carbon to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and entered into a cap-and-trade system with Quebec and California that other states and provinces could join. She stressed that “I am really very worried about that” because while subnational jurisdictions can do a lot to curb such pollution, national governments are also essential to the crusade. Conclusively, Premier Wynne pointed out that there are lessons for political leaders around the globe from Trump’s surprise victory that few pollsters had foreseen because “this election puts a lot of … perceived wisdom in context.”

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