Captain Wales Arrives For Apache Fighter Helicopter Training

Captain Wales lands in the U.S for his official royal visit. That’s right. Prince Herry will start his two month long training at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California. He will be practising on the Apache helicopters, so that he can become a certified Apache pilot and he will be clear for deployment. The prince will be doing life-like environmental training, live fire and tactical exercises.

“He will be treated like any other British pilot,” said Capt. Devon Jones, the U.S. commanding officer at the facility.

Prince Harry is a part of a 20 member squadron who test fire missiles and rockets in the California desert, a location meant to simulate the scorching aridity of Afghanistan. He hopes to fly the Apache helicopter in Afghanistan. Earlier on, the prince had served as an air traffic controller but was removed from Afghanistan once his presence became public.
The prince and his team will be allowed to go off the base camp however, just like U.S soldiers, they will not be permitted to cross the border to Mexico. British Army Lt. Col. Peter Bullen also said that after the training, those who are eligible will undergo another series of trainings in Great Britain and from there they will be sent for combat.

He is stationed at a naval air facility in El Centro, California.

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