Chatham-Kent police public reminder about an ongoing grandparent scam

Yesterday, an elderly couple in Wallaceburg contacted police to report a fraud. The couple received a telephone call from a man pretending to be their grandson. The man explained that he had been arrested in Quebec for impaired driving after being involved in a vehicle collision. He asked for $1,900 to bail him out of jail and requested that they not contact other family members.  Another man entered the conversation pretending to be the grandson’s lawyer. He reiterated the need for the money to bail him out of jail.
The couple attended Western Union and wired $1,900 to Quebec. They received another phone call from a man pretending to be a prosecutor, indicating that their grandson would be held until the following morning unless an additional $2,000 was wired. Now suspicious, the couple contacted their grandson to learn that he was at work and all was well.
The Chatham-Kent police remind citizens of this ongoing scam. Should anyone receive a phone call from a family member asking for a large sum of money due to an unforeseen circumstance, ensure and contact other family members to validate this claim. Never give out personal information to strangers.

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