NHL Offers 50-50 Revenue Dividend to Players

The National Hockey League has made a new offer to all its players who are intending to end the lockout and hope for a full 82-game season. According to the League commissioner, Gary Bettman, the long-term offer will let the player’s have a dividend of revenues in 50-50 ratio across the board. Bettman regarded this deal to be a step towards guaranteeing the players that there will be no rollback of the existing deals. He stated that “It was done in the spirit of getting a deal done.”

The Executive Director the NHL Players’ Association, Donald Fehr, has planned deal to be for “at least six years.” Bettman announced that the deal narrates the season to begin on Nov. 2, asking each team to have one additional game every five weeks for keeping the season full in. He claimed that “we’re focused on getting the puck dropped on Nov. 2 and playing a full 82-game regular season and full playoffs.” Bettman explained that “that’s what this offer is all about.”

The union has asked for some time to go over the proposal in detail. Fehr mentioned that “our hope after we review this is that there will be a feeling on the players’ side that this will be a proposal from which we can negotiate and try and reach a conclusion.” Upon inquiry if the new proposal is an improvement of the previous versions, Fehr stated that “in some respects I think it is in other respects I’m not sure. We have to look at it.”

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