XL Foods Owners Promise Improved Safety to CFIA

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Co-owners of XL Foods Inc. have reportedly sworn, in a letter sent to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency late Wednesday, to affirmatively enhance their safety measures at the Brooks meat packing plant.

The letter was publicly released by CFIA as it also contained an extensive review of the conduct of Canada’s largest meat recall commenced by XL Foods Inc. Furthermore, the letter specifically added remedial proceedings for the errors identified at the plant by the CFIA. The letter was addressed to the associate vice-president of CFIA, Barbara Jordan, and sent by both co-CEOs of XL Foods Inc., Brian and Lee Nilsson.

The CEO’s of the company alleged to do “top down” changes all the way through the production lines of company in remorse of the food safety issues. The letter stated that “XL Foods Inc. is committed to converting the cultural behaviour of all management related to Food Safety through the organization.” Some of the improvements stated by XL Foods Inc. included the company to put in a new hot water wash at the plant, which is scheduled to start functioning from February 2013.

The all-embracing investigation of CFIA had pointed out clogged carcass washer on the kill floor, which led the company to admit that malfunctioning of machinery equipment might have been the key basis of the contaminated meat produced on Aug. 23. The report of CFIA enlisted numerous of deficiencies at the meat plant, taking care of them all, XL Foods Inc. has programmed its corrective action for each problem.

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