Study Shows Canadians Are Not Bothered With Targeted Online Advertising

According to a new research published on Tuesday, majority of Canadians are not really bothered by companies tracking their digital activities and using it to target them with adverts.

Furthermore, the research found out that being recorded by closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) or being body-scanned at airport security is not also as much of a deal to general public as usually assumed. The report, sanctioned by Advertising Standards Canada, studied online engagement and consumer attitudes toward privacy on a sample of 1,000 Canadians, while focusing on six groups across the country.

The results were compiled by a research firm named McCann Truth Central. This research is in fact going to be good news for the online advertising companies as they continue their so-called behavioral marketing. Usually such practice is based on tracking the online activities of potential consumers over time so that it can be utilized by the advertisers for targeting their ads to people with similar interests. The information being tracked usually include Internet Protocol addresses, pages visits, length of time spent on pages, advertisements viewed, articles read and purchases made.

According to the figures of the poll, exactly 73 per cent of the sample answered that they are fully aware of such companies tracking their online activities, like tracking the websites they visit, and then use the data for approximate consumer preferences for marketing. In fact, the report titled The Truth About Privacy, states that “the most plugged-in consumers realize that this is a part of the infrastructure of the Internet.”

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